DHCP Broadband

DHCP Policies

The Weird Solutions DHCP server sends data to devices using DHCP options. These options are gathered from different sources in the server, merged into a response packet, then transported to the client at the same time as the client's IP address is delivered. Options...
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Vendor Specific Options

DHCP allows you to give a host an IP address, but it also allows you to send a lot more information to the host through the use of options. DHCP options are internationally agreed-upon numbers, with an associated value, that represent specific information or settings....
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Vendor Specific Options, cont.

In the last installment of this article I said I would explain how the Weird Solutions DHCP server recognizes which vendor's vendor-specific options are present, how you can make decisions using these options, and how to define vendor-specific options that will be...
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Micro-managing Leases

I recently had to answer some questions concerning micro-managing leases in the Weird Solutions DHCP servers, DHCP Broadband and DHCP Turbo. By micro-management, I mean having an external program that manages every lease externally, reconfiguring the DHCP server on...
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Provisioning Addresses

The Weird Solutions DHCP server is really flexible. The documentation leaves a lot to be desired, however, so it can be daunting to configure until you understand the basics of what it's doing. When you define a pool in the DHCP server, you always have to state the...
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Extra Downloads

Standalone user interface for remote management
Debug symbols