packageBroadband Provisioner® is a complete management system for cable network providers that features comprehensive support for the DOCSIS® and PacketCable® standards, and includes advanced support for DOCSIS 3.0, SIP and IPv6.

With Broadband Provisioner® you’re in complete control of your network. Self-hosted on your site and administered through an elegant Ajax web interface, our fully automated configuration process detects and provisions new subscribers, captures and disables rogue modems, and actively thwarts theft of service – all automatically and without operator intervention.

Combined with direct integration to your billing system, Broadband Provisioner guarantees that your subscribers are receiving the exact services for which which they’re being billed.

Self-hosted SAAS. Our staff remotely deploys, configures and manages Broadband Provisioner® on your Linux® servers.

  • Web Management – a modern AJAX interface for managing your subscribers
  • Standards Compliant – works with devices from thousands of manufacturers using open industry standards
  • Next Generation – fully supports both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Real-time Monitoring – directly query modems for power levels, SNR and more
  • High Availability – 24×7 uptime with multiple redundant servers
  • High Performance – handles demanding loads by fully exploiting your multi-core hardware
  • Role-based Administration – Create user accounts with specific access rights
  • Robust – hardened for untrusted public access networks
  • Role-based Provisioning – simplifies complex device identification for easy provisioning
  • Auditing – subscriber address auditing for compliance with your local laws
  • Online Re-configuration – subscriber changes take effect immediately
  • Web Services API – an HTTP/REST API built on the open JSON/RPC standard
  • Command Line – command-line interfaces provide fast access to the entire running system
  • Low Cost Deployment. Sign up up for your first month and we’ll take care of the rest. Within a matter of hours our engineers will have your subscribers online and you’ll be ready to start billing.
  • Fully Automated. Simply plug in your modems and turn them on. Broadband Provisioner automatically captures new modems, classifies them, then provisions them with a default service level of your choosing. Choose from ready-made service levels or define your own.
  • Eliminates Theft of Service. Broadband Provisioner automatically detects and disables modem spoofing and service sharing. Our customers have experienced as much as a 50% increase in revenues within days of deployment.
  • Keeps your customer base online, not waiting. When your network experiences an instantaneous load such as after a power outage, Broadband Provisioner brings your entire customer base back online in minutes or less.
  • Compliance with Law Enforcement. Background logging for the entire system enables you to produce detailed records for law-enforcement intercepts.
  • Your data is safe and available. Everything is stored in an industry-standard SQL database (included), giving you complete access to all of your data with commonly available tools.
  • 24-hour Support. Our engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency technical support.
  • OSS Ready. Integrate Broadband Provisioner with your billing system for a complete turn-key system.
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Starting at $1,499

  • Complete solution for cable networks
  • DOCSIS® 3.0 and IPv6 ready
  • Includes support for SIP and PacketCable®
  • Easily integrates with billing systems
  • Web interface