Weird Solutions® is a world leading supplier of carrier-grade Internet protocol software for DHCP and TFTP as well as DOCSIS® cable provisioning. Our products operate at the heart of the Internet, servicing millions of devices daily at thousands of locations worldwide.

By building your network on our core server software you’ll join the thousands of companies that have already made the Weird Solutions discovery: rock solid products with a great track record that are built to last.

Choose a product from Weird Solutions today and give your network:

  • IPv6 Support
  • Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Stability
  • Quick Deployment
  • Easy Management
Market and technology leaders depend on Weird Solutions for delivering best-of-breed products.
COTS Solutions For:
  • Mobile & Fixed Line Operators
  • Military / Defense / Government
  • Banking & Finance
  • Aircraft & Avionics
  • Medical Systems
  • Retail & Manufacturing
Trial Downloads

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