packageDHCP Broadband puts you in complete control of your IPv4 and IPv6 networks by fully managing the life-cycle of your IP addresses. Because it presents a single unified model for managing your networks, migrating to IPv6 is seamless and can be accomplished over time as your requirements change.

DHCP Broadband is the state of the art in DHCP servers, delivering dual multi-threaded DHCP engines for IPv4 and IPv6 networks, with each engine capable of extending 1000 leases per second.

Both engines are fully supported by all optional plugins, including:

  • Dynamic DNS registration
  • Device role classification
  • Historical packet collection
  • Statistics and counters
  • Lease query
  • Multi-server synchronization
  • Expression evaluator
  • Failover

Available for Windows®, Linux® and Solaris®.

  • Hardened for untrusted public access networks
  • High performance multi-threaded architecture maximizes performance on multi-core systems
  • Modular architecture with many optional plugins
  • Scalable up or down for different deployment scenarios
  • Unified domain model makes it simple to configure multiple devices at once
  • Automatically detects devices and classifies them using your own criteria
  • Fully documented command line interface
  • Standards compliant, supporting 40+ DHCP standards
  • Online re-configuration – all changes are immediate, no restarts required
  • Supports next-generation IPv6 & DHCPv6
  • Supports DHCPv6 prefix delegation
  • Stable and robust, with more than four years of field testing in production networks
  • Load balancing
  • Role-based user administration
  • High Availability (sold separately)
  • Automatically classify new devices and set network policies for them. Concerned about the proliferation of smart-phones on your network? Let DHCP Broadband automatically detect them and provision network access – lock them out completely or provide restricted network access.
  • Keeps your customer base online, not waiting. When your network experiences an instantaneous load such as after a power outage, DHCP Broadband brings your entire customer base back online in minutes or less.
  • Secure and Robust. DHCP Broadband gracefully rejects even the most malicious attacks, because we’ve already attacked it – with more than 50 million of attempts to bypass it’s internal security checks.
  • Never lose valuable lease history again. Asynchronous logging handles logged messages in the background, freeing the DHCP engines to operate at peak performance. Gone are the days of disabling logging under heavy loads – the time when logging is needed most!
  • Your data is safe and available. Everything is stored in an industry-standard SQL database (included), giving you complete access to all of your data with commonly available tools.
  • Search, sort and find. Flexible pre-made queries make it easy to find devices, leases, historical packet exchanges and much more. And new queries can easily be added to existing deployments!
  • Peer into your network for a detailed analysis. Hundreds of internal counters keep track of every packet and operation in your server. Get up-to-date information about the state of your system, or watch the counters over time to see how your network is behaving.
  • Sleep well at night. DHCP Broadband has been deployed for more than four years in production networks at service provider installations worldwide.
  • Hardened for untrusted public access networks
  • Supports IPv6 & DHCPv6
  • Multi-server replication and redundancy
  • Expression scripting
  • Online reconfiguration
System Requirements
  • Windows: XP/SP2 or later (2008/SP2 for IPv6 support)
  • Linux: RHEL,CENTOS 6 / 7
  • Processor: x86 / x86-64
  • Minimum RAM: 100MB available
  • Recommended RAM: 300MB available
  • Disk space: 350MB + 30KB/lease