packageA rock-solid server with a venerable history, TFTP Turbo is used daily by thousands of companies and institutions worldwide. Whether you’re providing remote boot facilities or managing embedded devices, TFTP Turbo offers an unmatched set of features at a great price.

Supports 200 simultaneous transfers. Includes full support for IPv6 as well as a complete set of professional documentation.

Available for Windows® and Linux®.

  • Full support for IPv4 and IPv6
  • “On-the-fly” security and virtual roots* using powerful expressions
  • Manage file transfers in real-time
  • Unlimited file sizes: no 16/32MB file size limitation
  • Supports option extensions for faster and more reliable transfers
  • Single user interface for managing all your servers
  • Firewall/NAT-friendly: Can perform all transfers through port 69
  • Saves time by automatically creating upload folders
  • Flexible runtime routing. Prefer to route uploads to one directory, downloads to another? Or disable uploads altogether? TFTP Turbo makes these configurations simple with its advanced expression syntax.
  • Keeps your network systems online, not waiting. When your network experiences an instantaneous load such as after a power outage, TFTP Turbo brings your devices back online in minutes or less.
  • Secure and Robust. TFTP Turbo has been tested with thousands of devices, and gracefully accepts transfer requests from faulty devices when possible.
  • A solid track record. TFTP Turbo has been deployed for many years in production networks worldwide.
  • Unified administration for all remote servers
  • Expression scripting
  • Virtual roots
  • Full support for IPv4 and IPv6
  • Event subscriber notifications
  • Plugin architecture
System Requirements
  • Windows: XP/SP2 or later (2008/SP2 for IPv6 support)
  • Linux: RHEL,CENTOS 6 / 7
  • Processor: x86 / x86-64
  • RAM: 4MB available
  • Disk space: 5MB